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KWENG MD – EGP Series External Gear Pumps are similar in pumping action to internal gear pumps in that two gears come into and out of mesh to produce flow. However, the external gear pump uses two identical gears rotating against each other — one gear is driven by a motor and it in turn drives the other gear. Each gear is supported by a shaft with bearings on both sides of the gear.


KWENG MD – EGP Series External Gear Pumps use magnetic force passing through a statically sealed Isolation Shell to drive the pump. This eliminates the need for a traditional dynamic shaft seal such as packing or mechanical seals. In turn, this eliminates the hazards and mess caused by leaking packing or mechanical seal failure, making this an ideal solution for:

  • Hazardous liquids such as caustics or acids
  • Flammable liquids such as fuels or alcohols
  • Liquids which are difficult to seal such as resins or isocyanates used in polyurethane foam production
  • Strong aromatics such as perfumes or mercaptan
  • Expensive liquids such as heat transfer liquid or those used in pharmaceutical production
  • Applications where seal failure is absolutely unacceptable such as pipeline sampling


  • Capacity up to 700 LPM
  • Pressure (Std.) up to 7 bar
  • Temperature up to +300 deg. C
  • Viscosities up to 100000 cSt.
  • Mounting – Closed Coupled/Separate Mounted