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KWENG MD – IGP Series employs proven Internal Gearing (Gear within Gear) principle for pumping. The Rotor Gear is keyed to the Driven Shaft Magnet and rotates concentric in the pump casing. Idler Gear is located on an eccentric pin on the front cover to rotate freely and meshes with the rotor gear when assembled. A crescent shaped partition precision machining on the front cover maintains a small but positive clearance to achieve a perfect scaling between the parts. As the gears come out of the mesh a partial vacuum is created, forcing the liquid to rush into the pump casing and fill in the voids between the teeth. Both the gears rotating in the same direction gently transfer the fluid to the delivery port. The resulting action is the smooth steady flow, low in pulsation, noise and vibration.


  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime associated with shaft seal failure and replacement.
  • Reduces environmental costs associated with shaft seal leakage.
  • Bi-directional pumping design eliminates cost of second pump for loading or unloading.
  • Porting: Opposite (180°) (Rotatable Casing), Right Angle (90°) (Rotatable Casing), NPT/BSP, Flanged (ANSI Compatible)


  • Capacity up to 800 LPM
  • Pressure (Std.) up to 7 bar
  • Pressure (Spl.) up to 14 bar
  • Temperature up to +300 deg. C
  • Viscosities up to 100000 cSt.
  • Mounting – Closed Coupled/Separate Mounted