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Sealless Magnetic Drive Top Mounted Agitators -MDTA Series

The MDTA Series magnet drive is a completely sealless watertight unit. The use of high quality permanent magnets translates the drive output & torque from the Outer magnet which is in the ambient atmosphere to the Inner magnet carrier on the product side. The CAN/Shroud between the two magnetic rotors provides the system with a completely LEAK PROOF seal.

The mixer/agitator shaft is mounted on ball bearings on the product side. The design of these bearings is determined by the product-side conditions such as temperature, rpm, product properties and the like. Standard ball bearings can be used that are lubricated afterwards or permanently packed in grease and that are sealed using PTFE radial shaft sealing rings. The ball bearings can help protect against corrosion through realization of an inert gas overlay.