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Sealless Magnetic Drive Bottom Mounted Mixers

for Pharma Applications

  • “ZERO LEAKAGE” Sealless Design
  • SIP / CIP Capable
  • Complete Drainable Design
  • Available for Operating temperature up to –80OC to +200OC
  • Available for Operating Pressure up to 7 Bars
  • Available for Tank Capacities up to 30000 Litres
  • Available for Liquid Viscosities up to 800 cP
  • Surface Finish of the wetted parts achieved up to ≤ 0.25 Ra


Useful for Processes like Pharmaceutical Applications – Media preparation, Buffer preparation, Cell Culture, Fermentation, Harvesting, Purification, Filtration, Chromatography, Centrifugation, Dairy Applications, Food & Beverage Industries etc.


Impeller Magnet (Mixing Head)

Impeller Magnets basically consist of the following parts:

  1. Permanent Magnets capsulated in a Stainless Steel 316L Body
  2. Female Bearing fixed in the Stainless Steel 316L part
  3. Wings that links the Magnet Body and the Female Bearing.

The Impeller Magnets are designed to operate in pharmaceutical processes. Therefore they are made free from cavities, hidden areas and sharp corners and are electro polished to a high degree of smoothness.


Male bearings are made as follows:

  • A Stainless Steel 316L stud with connection thread to the Weld Plate is used. Groove for the O Ring, Tightening Nut and shrinking tolerances for the bearing material is provided.
  • A solid piece of bearing material i.e. Sintered Silicon Carbide is fixed to the Stainless Steel stud by heat shrinking process.
  • The Outer surface of the bearing is then ground and polished to necessary tolerances.


Weld Plate (Tank Plate)

The Weld Plate is made from a single piece of material and it becomes a part of the vessel after welding; it includes :

  1. Connection thread for the Male Bearing
  2. Edges for Welding
  3. Connection points for the Drive Unit


Drive Unit

The Drive Unit consist of the following parts

  1. Connection Flange / Adapter to the Weld Plate
  2. Driver Magnet
  3. Geared Motor
  4. TC Clamp for Weld Plate Assembly (up to Model BAGI 2K)